2002 verada ecu location

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2002 verada ecu location

Post by philbieford »

hi all
newbie here ... need some info , i have series 2 2002 verada and need to know where the ecu and bcm/bem are located. i have a problem with the OBD2 not connecting with the ecu . trying to get fault codes as i have warning lights up on the dash at the moment and trying to clear them .any help appreciated
p.s the car is still running

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Re: 2002 verada ecu location

Post by WytWun »

The ECU is on the floor of the cabin under the dash, in line with the centre console (i.e. just to the left of the drivers footrest).

The Magna/Verada don't support OBD2 diagnostics - the Mitsubishi MUT protocol is the only automated diagnostic protocol supported. You can however use the "flashing lights" method to get the codes for the respective sub-systems (ECU, TCU etc) - see the description of the procedure at [url]https://www.mitsubishi-forums.com/threads/engine-light-how-to-check-the-code.49519/[/url]. The ECU & TCU codes for 3rd gens seem to be listed at [url]http://free-mitsubishi-manuals.blogspot.com/2011/04/mitsubishi-diagnostic-trouble-code_24.html[/url].

Codes can be cleared by either disconnecting the battery or unplugging the problematic unit.

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