TL V6 - wont start no spark.

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TL V6 - wont start no spark.

Post by Bigblockv8 »

Hi. Recently repaired a tappet cover leak including a stove pipe repair and replaced rear bank of plugs. Used standard plugs as planning to sell car as is over 350k already. On reassembly, car turns over but dont seem to have spark. Took photos before disassembly to ensure all hoses and sensors were correctly placed on reassembly. Have disconnected ecu behind console to reset and plugged back in. Have input 'w'agon and '3.5' on dash. Car was running fine before repairs. Please, please someone help. I know its got to something simple to correct. Thanks.

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Re: TL V6 - wont start no spark.

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If you can confirm that there is no spark, check that the wiring to the distributor from the ECU has not been disturbed. No spark could also be a result of the problems with crankshaft angle sensor or its wiring.

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