Pajero 6G72 to 6G74 conversion - ECU's

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Pajero 6G72 to 6G74 conversion - ECU's

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Hello Gentleman & Ladies'

I am after any information in regards to the pinout diagrams for the ECU's for a 93' NH Pajero 3ltr 6G72 SOHC, and a 98' NL Pajero (non wide body) 3.5ltr 6G74 SOHC.
We are in the process of changing enines in our NH off road race car, to the 6G74 from an NL. We have the loom from the NL, but they have cut the loom where it goes up under the dash, and need the pinout diagram and colour coding to work out what we can delete or retain!

Any and all help/knowledge/information would be greatly appreciated!

Regards, GRRMMM

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