6g74 DOHC Reccon Questions

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6g74 DOHC Reccon Questions

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Thanks in advance for any advice. I don't see any mention on the Forum about full reccons.

I am thinking about having my engine reconditioned. 6g74 DOHC (quad cam) Pajero 1995 GLX NJ

I know it is not worth doing from a money point of view. But it is worth it for me. I only paid $2,000 for the car and I could easy get $3,000 for it. I have seen the same model in similar condition for $6,000. so it owes me nothing.

As I am a house sitter, I am not going to even think about doing it my self...Be a bit rude pulling an engine out in someone elses shed !! Not to mention the only tools I have is what I can carry in the caravan.

First question...I see on eBay that a "full" kit is about $1,700. That does not include head kit or timing belt kit. So about $2,500 for parts. Also I see online that a reccon engine (from a place in QLD) is $3,000 to $4,000. So, would it be better to reccon my engine OR go with an exchange engine? and, just roughly how much should it cost in all up with labour ?

Second question...If I go ahead with this, is there anyone here that has the skills (and equipment) to do the job ? As I am a house sitter, I can travel to you.

If I do this it will not be until next year. I have $6,000 saved for it so far.


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