Repeller Alarm...How To

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Repeller Alarm...How To

Post by WeeMagna »

Hi everyone,

Can someone tell me how to use my Repeller alarm please.

The bloke I got the car off said the remote was for the central locking but doesn't work. Well, turns out the Paj does not have remote locking !! The remote control is for the alarm. After a few weeks of ownership, I noticed the logo on the little key was the same as the remote. A week later I noticed the little key is for the alarm...Bingo!!

So, I turn the key...just happened to have the driver door open...the alarm works...I know it works cos it scared the hell out of me :)

I need to go to Sydney for a few days and wanted to use the alarm (out here in the country it is not needed, the kelpie does a perfectly good job). But I have some concerns. I have read that Repeller might activate the immobiliser. If that happens how do I turn it off? The other concern is just how long do I have with the door open before the alarm sounds and how can I open the door without the alarm going off? The dog...the kelpie alarm comes everywhere with me and it take about 45 seconds maybe 1 minute to get him in the car and strapped in (yes he has a seat belt). So how do I open the back door, get the dog in without the alarm going off?

I am assuming that the remote will be used to turn it off and on. But I have never had a car alarm before, so I don't know. After reading a few horror stories of immobilisers kicking in I don't really want to try the remote before getting some first hand advice.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Repeller Alarm...How To

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