380 dash makeover

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380 dash makeover

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So I had a really bad rattle in my centre air vent and one of the blades had snapped. To remove the air vent you have to remove the big silver centre surround trim bit. All the screws for that are behind many other peices of the dash.. so while it was all out I did this.
3a13e36f-e5d0-4853-8967-8cda521b6870.jpg (104.04 KiB) Viewed 3248 times
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That's the A/C panel from the US Galant. Black and silver goes well with the new fascia that fits the aftermarket head unit. It all functions, but doesn't have the specific temperatures like the original 380 one. It's just H to C and no auto, which doesn't bother me, and it functions as it should there. The only downside I've noticed is that it puts off the outside temp reading. Going to attempt a fix with other Galant parts but moneeey.

Woodgrain vynil wrap too, the shape of the trim is easy but its nearly impossible to hide the folds on the ends that you see with the doors open, nothing major though..
You can't remove the trim peice entirely from the door card so you'll need a fairly precise knife to cut it cleanly and push it in the seam without putting marks in the plastic, the only one that I had to redo was the one to the right of the wheel where it didn't stretch very well and left a gap where it hollows in for the buttons.

I'm not one for write ups but if you have any questions just ask. Preeetty much all the bits I removed other than the door cards had to come out to do the centre vent, so if you're replacing that theres a bit more to do than you might expect.
I had the centre silver bit painted "shadow chrome" so its shiny without being too bright, fairly similar colour actually but its a much nicer finish. Replaced the shifter shroud. It all comes apart fairly easily, definetely worth it.

Just moved so as soon as I get an income again I'll see if I can get the temp reading fixed and let you know.

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