Delica successful wheel tire suspension combos

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Delica successful wheel tire suspension combos

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Just thought I'd throw this up, for anyone going to larger rims on S2 Delica's... Feel free to add any other tire/rim/offsets/suspension combos that work.

1998 Delica Super Exceed L400 LWB (stock suspension, no wheel well mods):
-20 x 8.5" VW 750 Velocity rims, +30 offset, machined for hub-centricity
-Dueler 255 20 R45 (29" diameter)

Tire sidewall is flush with upper fender, tread is just inside upper fender. Clearance to wheel-well liners on lock-to-lock is about 1/2" at closest. These rims, compared to stock, send about 1.13" inwards and 1.37" outwards.

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