alternator light coming on

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alternator light coming on

Post by ozzie.freddo »

I have a V6 TR and the alternator light has started coming on randomly, usually full brightness, but sometimes just dimly lit. It does now usually linger on for a few seconds after start up. No problems so far with flat battery. Before I start looking into it I was wondering if it is a common problem with a simple solution?

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Re: alternator light coming on

Post by [TUFFTR] »

Voltage regulator is probably cactus. You could
1) Replace it with a 2nd hand unit for $60 or;
2) have it fully rebuilt with genuine parts for about $300.
3) if you know how to fiddle, just replace the regulator box.

Depending on how long you plan to keep the car it may not be worth getting it rebuilt.

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Re: alternator light coming on

Post by magna buff »

first thing you have to do is work out how to extract the alternator form the engine bay

its a night mare . did .some one do a D I Y write up on the TR V6?
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Re: alternator light coming on

Post by Dougal »

Isnt it a radiator and fan assembly removal first kind of job? Unless you can get it from under the car instead.
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