Important info when using MITO-02 and ASWC-1

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Important info when using MITO-02 and ASWC-1

Post by Life » 22 May 2015, 21:27

Hey Guys,

I'm writing this up a a basic reference for anybody planning on upgrading their Rockford audio head unit on a pre-2014 model.

The MITO-02 has a lot of fault reports due to overheating (some have even started smoking) - This is due to the circuit board not being able to handle the draw some head units produce.

The simple fix to this is to bypass the MITO unit with your power source.

There are a couple of essential modifications if you want to ensure it is safe, these are as follows:

Bypassing the MITO for clean power:
1. Cut the yellow wires in the middle between the harness connector and MITO plug, one in the middle, and the flylead at the plug, tape over to insulate
2. Connect the MITO plug side to the red wire inline (Solder and tape), this means the MITO unit will only have power running through it when the vehicle is on ACC/On
3. Connect the harness plug side directly to your new head unit connector
4. Shorten the ground flylead, you should not use this for the head unit, only the ASWC-1
5. Create a new ground location for the head unit, drill a small hole into one of the steel brackets in the stereo cage and screw a self tapper into it with a ring terminal

Connecting the ASWC-1 to the MITO-02 Harness:
It is not commonly known or documented, however the MITO-02 harness includes provisions for steering wheel controls, they are connected to dummy pins and not used by the unit at all.
1. Locate the brown/white trace and brown/yellow trace wires and cut them at the MITO end
2. Connect the brown/white wire to the Green with Black Trace wire on your ASWC-1 harness
3. Connect the brown/yellow wire to the ground flylead you shortened earlier in step 4 of the MITO power instructions
4. Connect the red power wire to the red wire (inline solder)
5. Tape up or cut off all other wires, none of the rest are used, follow standard setup instructions from here.
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Re: Important info when using MITO-02 and ASWC-1

Post by Raso » 02 Jan 2019, 16:56

Apologies for bumping an old thread. I’m looking to install a new Sony HU in my ‘12 Outlander and just want to confirm these instructions since I’m in the “would rather not have the MITO-02 set my car on fire” camp.

1. The yellow fly lead from MITO (normally used to power the radio) is simply not used.

2. The cut yellow wire on the MITO side is connected to the red wire on the radio side of the MITO? Harness with the RCAs? If I’m reading it right that means the red wire will have the radio (for turn on), the ASWC and the yellow MITO hooked up to it?

Attached is photo of MITO harness.

Thanks In Advance
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