How to Reflash a F Series Car with a F/H/J/L/W ecu

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How to Reflash a F Series Car with a F/H/J/L/W ecu

Post by rush »

Several weeks ago I purchased an Openport 2.0 cable and a TJ ecu with all intentions of flash tuning my TF Magna.

After trying to read both my F series and J ecu in the 1998 TF Magna, it continued to decline producing the same error message everytime. I researched this error and could not find a definitive solution; many said that the battery source was too low, the reflash connector wasn't attached, there was an issue with the vehicles wiring. After eliminating all of these issues it still produced the same error message.
sending init sequence 1 (0001)
sending init sequence 1 (0003)
sending init sequence 1 (FFFF)
sending init sequence 1 (F0F0)
no response to any known code interface close
There was countless messages backwards and forwards to various members but with no solution.

With stumagoo's help, he suggested looking at the immobiliser on the TF ecu as he had experienced a similar issue on a similar era Pajero.

A signifies Automatic, M signifies Manual

Step 1
Located the vehicles OBD2 plug. On a Magna/Verada, this is in the drivers footwell, under the kick panel against the centre console. There should be a white plug next to it, this is your reflash connector.

Step 2
I did this for my own sake (being 6ft2 sitting in tight spaces isnt always enjoyable) but i removed the OBD2 plug from the holder so I could stretch it and look at the wires.

Step 3
On a Magna/Verada, you are looking for Pin 7 (A/M). This should be a brown with white stripe. Splice into this with a length of wire that is long enough to go the the vehicles ecu. Make sure to solder or crimp all connections so you get a good join.

Step 4
Remove the passenger side kick panel and pull away the carpet so you can remove the ecu and the small section of loom.

Step 5
Locate pin 85 (A) or pin 62 (M). This should be a solid brown wire. Splice into this with the other end of the wire from the OBD2 plug.

Step 6
Re install everything you have removed.

Step 7
Connect and try. You should now be able to read and write your ecu. I am not sure why it does this, but I believe that with the F series using a different Immobiliser module to the H/J/L/W cars, it struggles to send the flash signal through the immobiliser unit. This will not bypass the starting immobiliser but will bypass it for the read and write stage. I am sure you can probably bypass this at the immobiliser unit its self, as pin 7 runs to the immob unit and pin 85 (A) and pin 62 (M) run from the immob unit to the ecu.

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Re: How to Reflash a F Series Car with a F/H/J/L/W ecu

Post by stumagoo »

I would add ----- make sure you get the reflash cable for mitsi ecu's (or have the ability to make one) you wont get anywhere without it.

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