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Ticking noise TL Mitsubishi magna vrx

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Ticking noise TL Mitsubishi magna vrx

Post by mdejong90 »

So I turned my car on and started it and noticed it making this loud ticking sound coming from near the engine... I did a quick Google search and seen a few posts about the hydraulic lifters and that this is common the V6 engine. I have the 6G74 engine and it's a vrx magna. What other causes would there be and is there a simple fix? I am worried that my engine is about to die on me as I don't know much about cars... It's been sitting for a bit over a month but I have owned it for 3 weeks and when I first got it and drove it home it wasn't doing this and it has been unregistered for the month and has been sitting quite a while... Noticed it needs an oil change and I will be doing that after registration which will get paid next weekend when I get money from work but this issue has me worried