Fuel Filter Pajero 1995

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Fuel Filter Pajero 1995

Post by WeeMagna »

Hi everyone.

I am about to do an oil change and thought I might change the fuel filter too.

The book says it's a Z481 (Ryco). At $54 !!! from Supercheap or starting at about $40 on eBay. However, the book also says it is interchangeable with Z441 which is $19 from SCA and about $5 on eBay. What I am getting for almost $50 more with a Z481 that I am not getting with a Z441 ?

To to add more questions...Z441 says it is interchangeable with Z481 (of course) and Z403, Z364, Z362 and Z361.

Is there any technical difference or can I just get the cheapest one ?


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