1994 Triton upgrades

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1994 Triton upgrades

Post by Hzadbhat »

Hi all,

So I recently got a 1994 Spacecab Triton with a 4g54 dinosaur breathing through an iron lung (carby), dodgy front suspension, leaky power steering box, leaking engine and gearbox, suss diff, wooden brakes and ugly wheels that have seen this beast through around 380,000 km's.

But the body is mint as is the interior. It has an alloy bar and a well body tray with a decent enough ding. And No rust.

So instead of buying a new ute, I'm thinking of doing a few things to this one such as,

Upgrade the engine with either a replacement engine or a full bottom up rebuild to turbo capable specs. Then turbo :) But at least go up to EFI. Turbo is a real option as is supercharging something, but I'm looking for realistic numbers not pipe dream crap. So no, I won't be forcing an LSA into it like I'm doing with something else next year hopefully.
Either full rebuild the 5 speed or replace if necessary due to new power up front.
Do something with the diff such as rebuild or replace.
New suspension all round.
New brakes.
Redo the entire interior.
Some minor body mods including cats eye lights, inbuilt light bar, a few camera's and some other electrical stuff.....

And I can do all of the mechanical, electrical and body work myself as well as the hydraulics. Yes, hydraulics but that's a secret for now...

So, who has done something like this before and has some advice please?
I'm not building a lowliner. The finished beast will have vertical truck pipes behind the cab and will basically look like a little truck.
I'd love extra top and take off speed, but I want low down grunt because I plan on towing regularly with this.
And I'm adding truck lights because who said a balls out bogan mini truck/ute has to be a f... or h.....?

Cheers all...

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Re: 1994 Triton upgrades

Post by Joubert »

I imagine you could get some upgrades for your Triton for reasonable prices at this point, right?

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